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You can participate at any time
by answering the question "What
is your dream for the future?"

using any of the methods in
the participate section at

You can participate live each
night during the exhibition. The
projections will run from 7:30pm
until 12 midnight each night
September 13th - 19th, 2010.


offscript was developed by
artist Christopher Baker and
commissioned by ZER01 for the
3rd 01SJ Biennial. offscript is
made possible with the support
of Santana Row.

Website and graphic design
by Alexandra Roche and
Tyler Stefanich
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What happens when visionary individuals begin
to question the status quo? What happens when
individuals reject a future scripted for them
by others and move offscript. This project,
in concert with the larger 2010 01JS Biennial,
theme of "Build Your Own World", aims to set
up a playful interactive space for exploring
ideas and dreams for the future.

In the month leading up to the exhibition,
participants are encouraged to answer questions
related to the theme of the biennial. These
questions will change from time to time.

Participant responses will be woven together and
appear as a part of a large scale video projection
on the façade of 300 Santana Row from 7:30pm - 12
midnight each evening, September 13-19.

Explore the ways that you can participate in
the boxes to the right.
Today's Question: What is your dream for the future? line


Submit your response to today's question here : 0

Alternatively, you can email your response to go@offscript.org

Phone + SMS

Send am SMS to (408) 634-4436 or call and leave a voicemail message with your response to today's question. It will be transcribed and will appear on façade. Phone numbers will remain anonymous.


Respond to today's question with Twitter. Use the hashtag #offscript in your message. Share on Twitter


Post your response today's question on our page and share the project with your friends.